March 2018 – Charlie

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CHARLIE is such a beautiful dog inside and out. Please don’t let him become another black dog who finds himself ‘invisible‘.

It’s a well know fact that black dogs are much harder to find homes for - why this should be is difficult to know but it is quite hard to get good photos of them. Sometimes you need to actually meet them to realise just how lovely they are! He is one big ball of fluff!

CHARLIE was found one day in November 2017 near the refuge, another dog we think who was drawn by the noise of the other dogs. He was actually really happy for us to take him inside - it was almost as if he was waiting to be rescued and now he feels safe.

We think he is just over 1 year old. He is a calm, well balanced boy who gets on well with the other dogs. He also gets on very well with people and enjoys a stroke and a cuddle and he is fine with cats too as we have cat tested him.

Such a sweet boy who is unlikely to get noticed as he is just another black dog in a shelter – there are plenty of those but we hope that CHARLIE will stand out for someone and be a special black dog.

He is neutered, has a passport microchip and vaccinations and is ready to travel - he just needs someone to fall in love with him.

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