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Gracie came in to the refuge, with her 5 puppies, in February 2018 and we think she was about 3 years old when she came into our care. She was found with her 5 puppies all huddled together to keep warm in an old water pipe. Gracie was a wonderful Mum and all her puppies have now been adopted in Spain.

Gracie was very timid when she was found and the people who found her and the puppies managed to feed them over a few weeks, in order to try and make friends with her so that they could rescue the whole family. The weather had been particularly bad and we'd had a lot of rain so we feared for their safety and knew that we had to do this as soon as possible. Eventually after a lot of planning and gaining her trust we were able to bring them all to safety.

She is a really pretty girl with wonderful amber coloured eyes and she is slowly getting to know us all but is still a little shy. It's early days yet but she is becoming to realise that she is safe and that being part of a pack is actually an okay thing! It seems after watching the other dogs, she is beginning to realise as well that humans are quite okay too!

Please sponsor her until it is her turn for someone to look after her. Thank you.

(Minimum donation 15€)

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