Just another minute of your time could generate even more money for Gpar. Again this takes just a minute to read and a minute to execute.

Easy Fund Raising

How many of you search the internet using Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, MSN or any of the other popular search engines?

If you search using this url address http://gpar.easysearch.org.uk/ Every time you search the internet Gpar will receive a donation.

For example if you search the internet 10 times a day in one year you would earn 20 pounds sterling for Gpar.

All you need to do is to change your Search Engine to http://gpar.easysearch.org.uk/. It is free of charge to you and will only take one minute to do.

When you access the http://gpar.easysearch.org.uk/ search page, click on the button for web and then type into the box at the top the name that you are searching for in the usual way. Its easy and each time you have earned a donation for Gpar.